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2, WADA newsletter #10 May 1st, 2013 2013-09-20
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#10 May 1st, 2013
  Tyler Hamilton meets withWADA and visits elementary school  
Tyler Hamilton, a former professional cyclist who was part of the US Postal Service Team doping scandal, was in Montreal last week to meet with WADA to help shed more light on doping practices. [ More ]
  WADA returns to Montevideo to discuss education  
The development and implementation of anti-doping education programs was once again top of the agenda at WADA’s third regional education symposium in Montevideo, Uruguay.  [ More ]
  WADA statement on substance AOD-9604  
Following a number of inquiries regarding the substance AOD-9604 available on the Internet ‘black market’ and possibly elsewhere, WADAhas issued the following statement:
AOD-9604 is a substance still under pre-clinical and clinical development and has not been approved for therapeutic use by any government health authority in the world. 
[ More ]
  WADA stresses growing need for education  
WADA invites applications for its 2014 Social Science Research Grant Program. This Program encourages research in social science in order to obtain information that will enable more efficient doping prevention strategies.
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