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2019 WADA Prohibited List: Stakeholder Consultation 2018-05-18
Montreal, 7 May 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Annually, there is an agreed process for reviewing content and structural changes to the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods (Prohibited List), which is an International Standard under Article 4.1 of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).
As part of this process, stakeholder feedback is collected throughout the year; and then, in April of every year, WADA’s List Expert Group meets to discuss the feedback, evidence and proposed content and/or structural changes, and to formulate the draft Prohibited List.
On 16 and 17 April, the List Expert Group held a meeting that resulted in the following documents, which we are confidentially giving you access to today for Stakeholder Consultation, via WADAConnect, the Agency’s online stakeholder consultation platform:
  1. Draft 2019 Prohibited List
  2. Summary of Modifications, which is intended to facilitate your review
  3. 2019 Monitoring Program
As is customary, WADA kindly asks that someone within your organization, with the relevant professional experience and expertise in anti-doping, be given the opportunity to carefully review the draft 2019 Prohibited List and provide comments concerning the proposed content (additions, subtractions or other modifications) and/or structural changes. We would ask that, whenever possible, your comments be supported by relevant reference(s) to medical or scientific evidence; pharmacological effect; and/or, personal experience concerning the substances or methods in question.
Also, this year, the WADAConnect platform will encourage you, separately, to propose further additions, subtractions or other modifications under ‘Comments for future consideration’; which will be evaluated and considered carefully over the course of the year but will not likely be incorporated within the 2019 Prohibited List. 
To provide comments
  1. Simply connect to WADAConnectIf you do not currently have access, please consult the short guide on how to create a user account that is available on the platform.
  2. Once you have a user account, please inform and ask to be added to the private List Consultation Group. This is necessary in order to provide comments.  
  3. Please input your comments by 13 July 2018. 
We believe that conducting this Stakeholder Consultation helps ensure that the Prohibited List evolves in step with the highest possible scientific standards; and, reflects the needs of the anti-doping community.
In keeping with the annual process, the 2019 Prohibited List will not be made public until 1 October 2018. Therefore, we would ask you to ensure that the draft is kept confidential in order to preserve the integrity of the Stakeholder Consultation process. As we know, earlier publication would compromise the process and lead to confusion in the minds of athletes and other stakeholders worldwide.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Thank you in advance for your organization’s feedback and ongoing commitment to clean sport. 
Best regards,
World Anti-Doping Agency

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